Raised by the Buddha himself, Hal has spent his lifetime developing an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Having successfully completed three divorces, Hal has an unusual ability to relate to the lonely, the longing, the trapped and the rejected. It is this experience that has motivated him to pursue a spirit of integrity and perseverance, promoting a “back to the grind” attitude in the work  place.

At the eager young age of 16, Hal graduated from the all boys middle school, St. Martha Mary Teresa’s School for the Assumption of the Virgin’s Immaculate Conception. He then courageously embarked head-long into the full-time work place as a sign holder and mascot for Mr. Picknelli’s Sandwich-Smoothie Shop, until the popular restaurant chain was bought out by Generic, Inc. ten years later. Hal has since worked at Genereic, Inc and is currently a consumer productions optimization compensator for quality process engineering accountability facilitation.

Hal has received many awards and recognition for his efforts, including:

  • Certificate of Bathroom Maintenance Completion Checklist (Weekly, from August ’94 to February ’98)
  • Peer Kudos Award, 2005, for consistently refilling of coffee pot after use
  • “Most Like Phoebe,” from the Buzzfeed “Which Friends Character are you?” quiz
  • Certificate of Training Completion for Fire Safety, presented by Spot the Fire Dog
  • Certified Honorary Astronaut, NASA Special Friends Space Camp ’88
  • Honorable Mention, “Grand Supreme Little Darling” baby fashion show, ’78

Hal is a firm believer in believing in the belief that anything is possible, if you just believe in it.

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