spunkmeyerMr. Spunkmeyer

Shrouded in mystery, Mr. Spunkmeyer is the ever-quirky, ever-surprising manager at Generic, Inc. where Hank and Hal are employed. Deeming himself the “Yoda” of the corporate world, Spunkmeyer is always willing to join in on the water cooler talk with his underlings, share his great wisdom on a variety of topics, and have the HR reps fire anyone on the spot for implied sexual harassment.

Aside from being a leader at his mediocre company, Mr. Spunkmeyer is an avid inventor, spending time at home in his laboratory thinking up random and usually worthless creations. Deeply in love with his female clone Spunketta (also a lab-made creation), Spunkmeyer loves inventing, dancing sharing questionable knowledge, bragging about how hot his clone wife is, and making Hank and Hal’s life… interesting…

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